Brazilian women

Everything about Brazilian women

Brazilian women are populair among western men and western men are populair among Brazilian women too. Why is this, what are the important issues while dating Brazilian womenBrazilian women and what can you expect? Here you can read everything about dating a Brazilian wife, a Brazilian holiday girlfriend and about marriage with a Brazilian woman.

Why is a Brazilian woman and a wester man a good match?

Western men are often attracted to Brazilian women and also the opposite is a fact. This is based on several reasons:

Brazilian womenIn Brazilian culture the difference between man and woman is much bigger. Man behave like macho men and women show real female behavior. The different roles between man and women in Brazil are clear. Many western men will like this, especially when they have a problem with the equality of men and women what is the standard in the west. All actions have to be discussed and you can never be sure if you are doing the right thing.

Most Brazilian women are very skilled in attracting men. They like to dress well and make up very carefully. She is strong and independent and knows what she wants. If a Brazilian women wants you, she will do her best to get what she wants.

Taking care the man she has chosen is a skill she is very good at. She will make you feel like a real man. A western man is not used to this, because most of the western women will not take care like this, because they not want to.

A new relationship in Brazil is born easily; you don’t have to work hard for that. Brazilian women will often take the first action and make the decision how far she want to go. When she don’t want you, she will go to toilet and let you wait, she won’t come back. Probably another Brazilian lady will come join you while you are waiting.

Brazilian women like the fact that western man are not so macho, they are willing to help housekeeping and buying the groceries. In the beginning she will think it is strange, but she will get used to it very quick.

Mixed blood is common under Brazilian women

Partly naked dancers from Rio de Janeiro celebrating carnaval is the first though of westen men thinking about Brazilian women, but Brazil is a huge country accounting for more than 200 million citizen.

Most of the inhabitants of Brazil are the offspring of immigrated families from all over the world. There are many different ethical groups, not only from Europe, but also from Africa and Asia.

Brazil has been a Portugese colony for a long period of time and still the Portugese people account for the majority. Also about 30 million Italians and 1.5 million Japanese people are living Brazil. The Indians, the original inhabitants, are a small minority with a little less than 1 million people.

Brazil and the Brazilian cities

Don’t think that Brazilian women are analfabetic farmers without any modern devices. The opposite is true, Brazil is a civilized country where everything is big: Big modern cities, many high educated people, high skyscrapers, mass traffic and huge shopping malls.

14 of the biggest Brazilian cities are containing more than a million inhabitants, where Sao Paulo is the biggest one (11 million people). Brazil is the fourth biggest country in the world and the fifth of most populated countries.
Brazil is an emerging world economy and the biggest exporter of sugar, coffee, beef and surprisingly airplanes. There are more than 2500 airports in this huge country that takes half of South America.

On the other side: the difference between rich and poor is terrifying big. Most of the poor Brazilian people are living in a hopeless situation in the endless poor neighborhoods. The famous favelas where criminal drug gangs are ruling over the people, where boys die young and where it is to dangerous for the police to do their job.

Appearance of Brazilian women

About 45% of the Brazilian women is mixed African-Europese-Indian blood and is light to dark skinned with dark hair. Many eye catching mixes are very common, like light skin, dark eyes and frizzy hair, or dark skin, blue eyes, and blond long hair. In Brazil you can see it all, even within a family.

The paralel between race and social class is less than in the USA for example. Within one family some members are much more dark skinned than others. Probably there is no other country that is a bigger mix of color and culture than Brazil

The language and culture of Brazilian women

Most of the Brazilian women only speak Portugese. Some speak also Italian, German, Spanish or English, but the knowledge of English is limited in Brazil. Most of the Brazilian women can read and write, but most of them didn’t finish high school. Education is compulsory till the age of 14 and only one out of five will proceed after that.

Because of the Portugese history, most of the Brazilian woman are catholic. Catholic festivals are celebrated, the most famous one is carnaval.

Also other Christian holidays are celebrated: Cities will be transformed with a lot of lights and colors at christmas, At the 1st of November families will visit the grave yards for ‘All souls day’ and the first communion is a big happening.

The cultural things like food and music are a mix of many different influences, mostly from Africa and Portugal. Capoeira is also Brazilian. The difference in culture between Brazilian women and western men is not so big because of this Portugese influence.